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Hi 612rs. April continues to be a cold wet challenge but I am hearing about some brave souls that have gotten out on the water already. I salute your determination and dedication. Please continue to use good judgement as we deal with the changing nature of spring rowing in MN (And sign the waiver... See bottom of this post for how to get to the waiver if you are paying by check or have already paid). As we gear up for the season I wanted to make sure people are aware of some requirements for all athletes, coaches, administrators, and board members.

As part of membership and racing, USRowing is requiring that everyone take one of two online training courses. In addition, certain folks that are in positions of power within clubs are required to have a background check. I will be dealing mostly with the 'safesport' training in this post and following up with individuals regarding background checks if necessary.

There are two types of training: "Core NGB1" (90minutes), "Adult Athlete Training" (30 minutes). If you are a coach or club official (or you want to be) you will need to take the 90 minute course. If you would have time I would encourage you to take Core NGB1 regardless if you intend to coach athletes or not. The course is very comprehensive and lays a good groundwork for how we should treat children and adults during athletic endeavors. 612 is a very collaborative club where many coaching dynamics pop up organically. I know that I have found myself being coached and coaching at unexpected times. I think you would value having some perspective on how we should all act in these situations.


USRowing Q&A:

USRowing Landing Page:

Once you type in your USRowing number and password you will see the safesport icon at the bottom left of your dashboard. From there you can choose your appropriate course from the catalog tab.

One housekeeping item:

So you already paid but still need to sign the waiver:

  1. go to

  2. click on the registration tab.

  3. select a membership option that best fits your needs.

  4. Click through to the account page (You will see a charge for the membership but don't let that deter you)

  5. At the bottom of the account page you will see a spot to check for acknowledging the risk waiver; click that button and ensure your contact phone is up to date

  6. Click next. You will see the payment page under payment options. Select pay by check

  7. Click through to the end of the payment option. It will say that you have amount due but rest assured you will not be asked for a check if you do not owe one.

If this process seems onerous and risky you can go to the 'Waivers' tab print the waiver sign it and give it to me or James. The challenge with this process is that you may not see us before you want to go out to practice. If you go out to row without a waiver you will not be covered under club policies in any capacity and cannot participate in 612Endurance practices.

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Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 rowing season! Couple of items to make you aware:

  1. The registration site is now open and available for all returning members. I have updated the membership page to better reflect the membership levels as last years board set them up and this years board has approved. If you are interested in being a member please reach out to James or the Board. Go to the Registration tab to sign-up.

  2. Watch this space! I hope to improve communication by posting updates and information to this blog. If you have an idea for a post let me know!

  3. We have an annual capital program! I have created a capital program page on this site that explains the priorities (click 'more' and then 'capital campaign'). We are in the beginning stages of these important efforts so please let us know how we can improve and donate! Initially this will take the form of acquiring an electric motor this summer. I have setup multiple donation levels in regatta central that can be combined to reflect the donation of your choice. Thank You!

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